About Us

The history between this pair of small business owners dates back 20 years when Cassi (pictured on the right) and Jenifer (pictured on the left) met at Glencoe High School. They have been there for each other in some of the toughest times in their lives. Now, everything has come full circle as of June 4th, 2021, opening day of Stilly Chic Boutique.

From Jen:

"Two weeks after we graduated, the worst day of my life happened. My 2 brothers and my step dad were killed in a car accident. My mother and I rushed to the scene of the crash ...  It didn’t take long before my phone started ringing. So many people called. I can’t remember whom or what was said. I remember the phone call from Cassi though. She asked me where I was. At this point, we had already found out that my step dad and baby brother had passed. We were now rushing to the Stillwater hospital to see my two step-brothers, while my 14 year old brother was being life flighted to St. Francis. Cassi finds this out. She is in town, as we are driving through. She makes us pull over, gets my mom out of the driver’s seat, and drives us both to the hospital in my mom’s car. She stays by my side until my uncle and aunt get there to take us to St. Francis. I still don’t know how she got home. All she cared about was that she was doing what we needed, no matter what that meant for her at the moment. She was that type of person before that moment, and she is still that type of person today. For this, I will always be thankful! Oh, and the date of that? June 4th, 2001."

Though life took them their separate ways over the past several years, as fate would have it, the pair reconnected! Together they came up with a plan to start their own small business and have worked side-by-side to make it happen since. Although they could've never dreamed of opening Stilly Chic Boutique 20 years ago, they wouldn't change a thing.